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We guarantee all our silver jewellery to be at least 925 sterling silver. We don’t under carat our silver and do regular testing in our overseas office. When you purchase your wholesale goods from us you can be sure you are getting what you pay for. We stand behind every item that we sell. We want to build long term relationships with all our customers.

Factory Direct No Middleperson

Silver Freshwater Pearl Earring with CZ EL038-S

Silver Freshwater Pearl Earring with CZ

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Ceramic Ring CER074

Ceramic Ring - 10mm wide

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Tungsten Ring TCR047

Tungsten  Ring - 10mm wide

Retail Price (Members Only)
EZ1003 EZ1003

Silver Earrings with CZ

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TCR152 TCR152

Tungsten Ring- 6mm Wide, Flat and Side Groove, Groove and Inside Shiny Black Plated, The Left Side of Groove Brushed, The Right Side of Groove Brushed and IP Black

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Silver Lock Necklace with CZ stone NTHZ061

Silver Lock Necklace with CZ stone

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Supreme Silver – Manufacturer and Wholesaler of Fine Sterling Silver Jewellery

With years of experience we offer you the highest quality, most unique selection and best prices of jewellery that you won’t find with any other wholesale silver jewellery company. We always carry the designs that sell well and allow you to make a healthy profit.

When you buy your silver jewellery from Supreme Silver you are getting it 'factory direct'. We have one office in Toronto, Canada and another one in Shenzhen, China where we have our own factory and are in contact with numerous other jewellery factories. There is no middle person increasing your cost. We don’t sell other people’s jewellery brands – only our own!

We have no sales representatives and we don’t participate in any trade shows. So we don’t pay a commission on each piece sold and we don’t have to pay for show booths, hotels, travel fees and other expenses.

All these savings are passed on to you – our valued customer! So you can be confident that you are getting the best value for your money when you purchase your silver jewellery and other supplies from Supreme Silver.

Thank you for shopping with us!